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Decalogue of the montessorian teacher

1. Always respect the intimacy of the child, teaching it how to protect themselves, to respect themselves and to accept themselves like a good person.

2. Never say anything bad about a child or its parents in their presence or in their absence.

3. concentrated effort to help the development of what is present in the child. emphasize and point out what he does very well

4. Put all your energy into preparing the medium, take care regularly in a diligent manner, help children establish good relations with their environment, show where the material is stored and tell them how to use it

5. Be ready to answer the child who needs you.

6. Respect the child when he makes a mistake and that he can correct himself at the time or later. But firmly and immediately stop any misuse of the material, or any evil action that endangers the child development or the others.

7. Respect children resting or watching other children who work and think about what they do or what they will.

8. Help those which seek an activity and which do not find any.

9. Present tirelessly activities that the child has previously rejected. Help them endlessly to acquire what is already acquired yet overcome its imperfections. Do all this, cheering the environment with care and with a voluntary attitude of reserve, using kind words and a gentle presence. Make your presence and availability are perceived by the child seeking, and hide them to the child that already found.

10. Always treat the child with the greatest courtesy and offer to him/her the best of that you have.

* The compliance with these rules is an important work for the installation of energies of the children.

* The rest periods are intrinsic, because it is during these times that the child sets up his metabolism, and that interior transformations take place.

* The rest periods allow the assimilation and the maturation of the assets.