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  • Respect and discipline:
    The respect within the Montessori classes, resulting in constant attentions towards each other, the environment, the material and the school environment. Out of respect and class organization, discipline settles naturally. Thanks to these constant attention, each student develops a sense of belonging to their environment favoring this natural discipline.
  • The tolerance:
    Promote the expression of diversity to accept differences present around us: the openness helps us to promote the development of cultural ethics and civic sense.
  • The self-esteem:
    Via a constant appreciation of their actions, students are encouraged to pursue their personal and academic way. They feel involved, proud of its progress by developing a good sense of themselves.
  • autonomy:
    Thanks to the work done in class, presentations of individual work, each student is in a position to be able to set their own goals. The student makes his free will to act in a friendly and safe environment and framework by promoting learning.