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Adolescence is characterized by a state of expectation, with a preference for creative work, by a need to strengthen self-confidence.  Maria Montessori

At this stage, the young through a creative period of the individual. This is the great tumult of puberty with its attendant physical and psychological transformations. The teenager is not really available for studies. This is the age of the doubts and hesitations, violent emotions and discouragement. He asserts his independence, he wants to live with other young people in search of social identity. He wants to leave childhood and enter the adult world. He wants to understand the operation of the society to build its place.

The mission of the Secondary is to meet the basic needs of adolescents. The role of the adult is to be a guide and support for:

  • Helping adolescents to exercise his social life
    •Help adolescents understanding how society works
    • The support in the development of independence at all levels (work in nature, cooking, manufacturing production that they can sell to finance their projects)
    • Help build its identity, personality by developing all its intellectual and creative potential and sense of responsibility and autonomy.


Intervention Plan = MELS