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Policies and rules


(This document must be completed and signed by parents)

The life at the Montessori school of Laval aims at developing spontaneously and peacefully all the aspects of the personality of the child. The Montessori class is carefully prepared with respect and responsibility. So that the school year proceeds in harmony, it is imperative that each one adapts with flexibility to the following codes of conduct:


Courses start at 8:30 and end at 15:30

Parents must accompany their child to the classroom door in the morning, at 8:15, and must come pick up to 16:00. If necessary, parents can resort to extra-curricular hours between 7:15 am and 8:15 am and between 16h and 17h. All arrivals before 8:15 am and all departures after 16h, are subjected to a charging out of the contract, in order to know the rates and sign up for this service, kindly contact the Principal. These extracurricular hours are included in your tax receipt R24.

For the welfare of children, it is important that the tight hug good day in the morning not become too long. Separation is a difficult time for some children and is our duty to make that moment does not become a traumatic moment. A soft, short accompaniment is recommended and we expect a full cooperation of the parents who accompany.

The departures from 15h30 and 17h00 if necessary, must be made to the same conditions as in the morning, calmly and smoothly. To preserve a harmonious atmosphere, calm and respect should be preserved within the school.

For obvious security measures, it is forbidden to leave children running and playing in the parking lot and sidewalks on arrival and departure from school and let the kids hit kindergarten glasses.

Punctuality is necessary all the time. Management reserves the right to apply stricter penalties for chronic arrears at the beginning of the course and at the end thereof.

If another person who the parents was to come to seek your child, we ask you to warn the direction of the school of it. For reasons of safety, you must have filled the authorization at the beginning of the year, to provide the name of this person as well as a short physical description. An identity card will be required of anyone who comes to school to pick up your child, with the exception of parents.


In the entrance hall and in the classroom of the school, children should move slowly walking respecting each other. Courtesy maintains good relations and trust. Children and parents have rights and duties, it is important that everyone is aware of this and apply. Since recent years, thanks to our work, a family atmosphere reigns at school, everyone finds his place, let’s make this beautiful tradition is maintained for a long time.

That beautiful atmosphere weather is conducive to academic learning of children, do our part to help our children to grow well. Respect, tolerance, patience, acceptance of self and others, must be ubiquitous on us to transmit better.


The parents must pay an special attention to the preparation of the buffets and light meals. They must provide a light meal and/or a meal healthy and balanced, containing nutritive elements.

The candies and chocolates are to be avoided.

It is formally interdict at the school: groundnuts, peanut butter, pistachios, coconut in some form that it is, even coated. For reasons more than obvious of safety it is interdict with the children to exchange or share its light meal or its buffet. For the same reasons they should not ask food to their friends.


Parents should point out all the time your child‘s absence to the principal, or voicemail school.

A child shall not, for any reason, come to school with drugs to be administered by school personnel. For that kind of situation, a protocol has been established, thank you for following it. If you have questions, contact the school Principal.

If your child suffers from fever, cold, diarrhea or other, we ask you to keep it at the house by respect for the other children of the class.

If your child contracts a contagious disease, it is necessary to warn the direction of it immediately.

If the child must leave school before the end of the courses, a statement signed and dated by the parent must be delivered to the Principal on the same morning. Parents should avoid setting appointments for their children during course hours.


 The uniform is mandatory and must be worn daily. No substitute will be accepted. We thank you for identifying the clothes of your child. The days of gymnastics and karate, children must wear the uniform of gymnastics with sports shoes.


Note that the payment of school fees must be made according to the procedures laid down in the contract for educational services or when the statement is received. A penalty of $ 50 will be imposed on each check issued with insufficient funds or returned.


Any interference, intrusion or unauthorized solicitation by management of the school, directly or indirectly from parents in the activities and management of the school way is strictly prohibited. We have become aware of the policies and regulations of the École Montessori de Laval and have informed our child or children. We undertake to respect and enforce them and inform our child or children to respect those policies and rules.




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